Getting Started

Complete Parts List

The first step to building the Mozzie is to organize and purchase all the parts.


The selected components listed here have undergone a series of tests for performance and reliability, however we can not guarantee their individual performance as we do not manufacture or assemble them.

Purchase List


If you would like to support the Mozzie development, and if it is cost effective, please use the affiliate product links provided for Banggood to purchase those components, as that will help support the further development of the Mozzie platform at no extra cost to you. If you wish to support us with any other purchase you make through our affiliate store you can use this Banggood link or alternatively if you don’t won’t to use the affiliate links feel free to remove 20 digit number on the end of the BG links.


From time to time the freight options change in these stores so it is advisable to look for local stock to reduce freight costs, in particular on the larger items like the airframe or batteries.

  • Talon ships from BG in single units via EMS. (currently it’s expensive - so maybe try it locally)
  • Batteries have limited shipping methods due to safety so try to shop locally for these if you can.
System Item Weight PCS Link
Airframe Mini Talon 562g 1 Banggood

Carbon Bar for QP Arms (1m) 27g ea. 1 Carbon Fibre Aus

M4 Screws   6 1x20mm, 1x28mm, 2x 25mm, 2x 40mm
Propulsion QP Motor Cobra 2207 2300 31g ea. 4 Banggood

QP ESC ZTW Spider Pro HV 30A F390 6g 4 Bolt RC

Fwd Motor Cobra C-2814/16 Kv 1050 107g 1 Innov8tive

40A ESC (with Brake) 50g 1  

Prop Aeronaut 10x8   1 PerthRC

Spinner Bar Aeronaut   1 PerthRC

HQProp GlassNylon 6x3.5 2xCW+2xCCW   4 Rotorgeeks
Electronics Battery MultiStar LiHV 4S 10Ah 794g 1 HobbyKing

UBEC ZTW 6A 12g 2 Banggood
Power Loom XT60 Connectors (5 pairs)   1 Banggood

XT30 Connectors (10 Pairs)   1 Banggood

Cable 12AWG 330mm 1xBlack + 1xRed   1 Black Red

Cable 14AWG 530mm 1xBlack + 1xRed   1 Black Red

Cable 18AWG 160mm 1xBlack + 1xRed   1 Black Red

Cable 20AWG 360mm 1xBlack + 1xRed   1 Black Red
Avionics Pixhawk 39g 1 Banggood

GPS Neo-M8N 18g 1 Banggood

Digital Airspeed with Pitot 3g 1 HobbyKing

I2C Hub 4g 1 Banggood

Power Module and Sensor 22g 1 HobbyKing

Servo ext. cables 15cm   1 HobbyKing

Servo ext. cables 30cm   1 HobbyKing

Screws     Countersunk Screws M3 4x10mm, 4x18mm. M2.5 4x12mm

Damping Balls   4 HobbyKing
Comms & RC RFD900x (1 Air & 1 Ground req) ** 12g 2 RFD Aus

Pixhawk to RFD900x Cable 2g 1 RFD Aus

USB to FTDI Cable 50g 1 RFD Aus

Antenna 900MHz 3dBi Dipole (RPSMA) 21g 2 RFD Aus

Foil Antenna 300mm (or 500mm) 7g 2 RFD Aus

FrSKy XSR 4g 1 Banggood
Servos Corona DS-929MG 12g ea. 5 HobbyKing
Companion Pi Raspberry Pi Zero W 10g 1 PiHut

Pi Camera v2 3g 1 PiHut

Pi Camera to Zero Cable 1g 1 PiHut

Powered USB Zero4U Hub 14g 1 PiHut

Pi Reboot Relay (pololu RC small) 1g 1 LittleBird Aus

SD Card 8GB (or Larger) 1g 1  


All RF equipment, antennas and radios should be thoroughly range tested on each aircraft and base station setup. Please see the respective build sections prior to purchasing for more details.

3D Printed Parts

3D Printed parts can be printed using a selection of materials, we made our aircraft parts from PLA as this was the easiest and was rigid enough. Using ABS, especially on the larger Avionics Enclosure parts might be difficult. Some parts are printed on the side as noted. Not every 3D printer is configured the same so some might not print at the correct size to fit the individual electronic components etc, if so, try using the scale feature on the slicer to increase or decrease the size as required. Note that all the prints that connect to each other will require the same scale so they fit together properly once assembled.


When 3D printing ABS and some other filaments, it is good practice to do so in a well ventilated area and not inhale the fumes directly as they are toxic.

3D Printed Parts List

Please either select the individual STL 3D print files individually from the list below or clone the github repo.


Clicking the 3D part link will open the part in Github where you can use the download button in the top left of the viewer.


For the construction of the Mozzie you will need a large well lit table about 1.5m wide and a power plug for soldering iron, hot glue and the optional heat gun.

Tools Required

The most expensive tools required to build the Mozzie are a good soldering iron and a hot glue gun. A hot air gun is optional to heatshrink the components like the quad arms, but it is recommended for a good finish. A third hand to hold onto parts whilst soldering is also recommended.

Hand tool required:
  1. Hobby knife with replacement blades
  2. A good pair of sharp scissors
  3. A Philips and hex screw driver with the following sizes
Consumables Required:
  1. UHU Por (this glue is ideal for foam because it stays flexible and has a strong bond)
  2. A good quality clear packaging tape and a mesh reinforced tape
  3. 180 grit Sandpaper
  1. Soldering iron holder
  2. Hot Air Gun
  3. Cutting mat


The two most dangerous things in building a Mozzie are cuts and burns.

Hobby knives and scissors are very sharp and should be handled with care, try not to use too much force when cutting and cut away from yourself.

The soldering iron and heat gun can cause serious burns that may require treatment by a doctor or hospital. Use care to place the hot items on a non-flammable materials, out of the way so they can’t be touched or bumped into. A soldering iron holder is recommended.


Soldering also produces toxic fumes so ensure that a well ventilated room and/or small extraction fan is used. They can also present a fire danger so keep them away from flammable items and make sure they are turned off when you leave them.

Remember making the Mozzie should be fun, but getting hurt is not!